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Php 46,900

I Love Sysig. Sisig. Food Cart Franchise Business. Food Carts.

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  • Listed: June 18, 2011 4:24 pm
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You are very important to us. Kindly fill-up the Client Feedback Form  below. We listen to you.

Do you want to put up a food cart business but you want it quick and easy? Your best choice is getting a food cart franchise? It requires small capital, a good location, tested and proven business operation which will return your investment in 2-3 months. You want profitability and sustainability of a business. You got it here. We just want you to succeed.

Introducing I Love Sisig Food Cart Franchise.
I Love Sisig offers you its franchise with the following

  • No Royalty. You get 100% Profit!
  • No Hidden Fees. You will not be surprise.
  • No Renewal Fee.
  • No Quota. You are not required to meet a purchase requirement.
  • Lifetime Franchise. You can renew your franchise without paying again the franchise fee.
  • Affordable. You can start with a small capital. Your best  investment to grow your hard earned money.
  • Return on Investment or ROI in 2 to 3 Months. You get back your investment in shorter period of time.
  • Free equipment for your food preparation.
  • Competitive food pricing and quality. At par with your competitors.
  • Simply, you earn and get 100% profit from your sales.

Description of I Love Sisig Food Cart

  • Your food cart is not made of tarpaulin.
  • Your food cart is durable – a combination of quality wood and stainless steel with customizable storage.
  • Your food cart is a single collapsible cart.
  • Your food cart has wheels for easy movement and mobility.
  • Your food cart size: 6ft x 4.5ft x 2ft

I Love Sisig Food Products

  • Chicken Sisig
  • Pork Sisig
  • Bangus Sisig
  • Rice Meal

What are Included in I Love Sisig Food Cart Franchise?

  • Use of Business Name & Logo
  • Advertising Support
  • Sales Campaign
  • Marketing Paraphernalia
  • Crew Uniform
  • Basic Equipment
  • Franchise Operations Manual & CD
  • Crew Training
  • Free Accident Insurance with Pioneer Insurance Co.
  • VIP Card for various establishments like Comedy Bar, Fitness Center by Gerry Penalosa, Resort discounts, SPA discounts, Hotel discounts, and Access to VIP Bars among others.
  • Initial Franchise Contract: Three (3) years. You may opt not to renew after this initial contract.

What is Not Included yet in the Franchise Fee?

  • Food products or inventory are not included yet in franchise fee.
  • You need to place your initial order of food products from us a week before the release of your cart.
  • All your future orders of food products must be place 2-3 days before you need it for prompt delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you contact me? Please see the bottom of this ad’s page.
  • Do you have other food carts available for franchise? Yes. Bookmark this ad first and then visit this link.
  • Do your provide location assistance?

    • Not all inquiries or franchisee prospects are given assistance.
    • Only those who will sign and pay their franchise are given assistance. Limited to NCR only.
    • I currently know of locations along university belt and in a mall in Manila. Information on this will be provided to paid franchise.
  • Where is our office located? Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
  • How much? P46,900 (not including the food products).
  • How do you get your foodcart? Pick-up or we can ship it to you (shipping fee charge to you).
  • What is the lead time for the food cart delivery? 2-3 weeks only.
  • Is there installment plan or scheme? There is no installment plan.
  • What is the shelf life of the food products? The product shelf life of the food product is 60 days (frozen) while 24 hours (if thawed).
  • Can you see the Franchise Contract Agreement? No. As per company policy, it is for office viewing only.
  • Is a freezer or refrigerator provided or included? Freezer or refrigerator is not provided. You should have one for your franchise.
  • How do you pay?
    • Check/Cash upon signing of Franchise Agreement Contract.
    • Bank deposit to company account. Details upon request.
  • Are we open for franchisees from the provinces (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)?
    • Yes, as in anywhere in the Philippines.
    • We highly recommend that you visit us at least once for your own peace of mind that you are dealing with a legal company.
    • If you cannot visit us due to cost of transportation, you can still franchise. How?

      • Tell us what food cart you want to franchise.
      • Where is your location exactly?
      • You have to deposit payment of franchise fee to company bank account.
      • We send you the Franchise Agreement Contract (FAC) for your signature.
      • You return the FAC to us for processing.
      • Wait for your food cart. How will we send it?
        • You must tell us how do you want us to ship your food cart and its inclusions because the shipping fee will be charged to you as well. Options: airline, bus terminal, etc.

When you contact us, please provide your name, contact / cellphone number, and email so we can coordinate with you to arrange a meeting or appointment. We are open for franchisee clients Monday to Saturday from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Hurry! Get Your I Love Sysig Food Cart Franchise Today.
Contact us for your other questions. Call, text, email us now.

Hurry Franchise now. For your inquiries.

  • Call or text
    • TM:      0905-594-77-72
    • Sun:     0922-811-18-17
    • Smart:  0929-958-95-29
    • Globe:  0915-815-80-40
  • E-mail
    • Yahoo:   ibonrop@ymail.com
    • Gmail:    ibonropr@gmail.com
  • Website

Ronald Pornobi, MBA
Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

I Love Sisig High End Food Cart


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